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The “Αdvanced Vocational European Safety Training for SMEs with Automated Systems” (ASMAS) project is funded under the EU Leonardo Da Vinci Programme for a duration of two years.

ASMAS addresses vocational training systems and content in an integrated manner that facilitates the advancement of methods and technologies in the field of eLearning. The innovative trainings (knowledge, methodology, tools, services) will be interactively composed and based on the eLearning state-of-the-art solutions in a combination with learning groups and transnational virtual study circles in order to motivate the users to improve and advance their abilities related to work safety in A&RM systems, especially in SMEs.


ASMAS is targeting transfer and adaptation of existing innovative results to provide the growing SME community using modern automated systems with the required legislation/safety practices know how regarding planning, implementation and operation of these technologies. The ambitious goal of ASMAS is to facilitate the implementation of the EU regulations, and to support SMEs in the implementation of the legislation in force.To achieve this goal and to overcome the information lack at SMEs, ASMAS is aiming at application of a combination of innovative eLearning based training with learning groups (co-operative groups among SMEs) and transnational virtual study circles based on an effective ontology in the scope of blended learning approach. By this means ASMAS will reach the SME community needs, by combing eLearning technologies with social aspects of face-to-face-communication, with the possibility of time and location independent learning. To realise this ambitious goal due to transfer and adaptation of existing innovative results from previous projects, ASMAS has set up a partnership providing required expertise and knowledge on eLearning technologies, legislation/safety practices regarding automated systems and organisation/execution of vocational trainings.